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by: Hazel Courteney

Join Hazel Courteney on her quest to discover the hidden realities of our human existence, seeking out both spiritual masters and scientists to ask questions like: Do our thoughts really create our reality' Do we exist in more than one universe at once' She finds that if we are to become more enlightened, then it's crucial that we learn to become more coherent at every level of being - everything coming together as one. Hazel explores our recoherence, as humanity experiences a return to nonphysical existence, and looks at the significance of the ancient civilisations of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. From both scientific and spiritual points of view, she also examines the growing belief that our universe is a hologram; that other civilisations exist alongside ours in other space/time dimensions; and the phenomenon of Orbs. Ultimately, Countdown to Coherence leads to a radical new understanding of who we really are, where we need to go and why - and how much more we are all capable of than we've ever imagined.
280pp, 135mm x 216mm, softback, 2010



In 2007 I travelled to Arizona to attend the world’s first-ever conference on the phenomenon of Orbs. During a light-hearted discussion with one of the scientists I had met while investigating my 1998 near-death experience – material physicist Professor William A Tiller, who has spent over forty years studying matter and consciousness – I somewhat irreverently asked him to draw in the simplest terms his representation of God. He proceeded to draw a straight line across a sheet of paper.

‘What’s that'’ I asked.

‘It’s total coherence,’ came Bill’s reply. He smiled with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. ‘This is what God, or pure Isness, is.’

When I asked Bill, ‘In your straight-line coherence scenario, where did we come from'’ he told me that there had to have been some kind of ‘decohering’ to bring the world as we know it into being. And as he said this, he drew a line down from the horizontal ‘coherent’ line towards the bottom of the page.

As the word decoherence, in my humble opinion, simply means no longer coherent – no longer what scientists term ‘in phase’, no longer in complete harmony as one – I asked, ‘Might this decohering in some way have been linked to the Big Bang, which emanated from this ultimate ‘coherent core’ that you term ‘God’' And might it have seemed like a mere hiccup of energy being released'’

‘Maybe,’ he mused, smiling somewhat nervously at my incredible presumption, which would have had most scientists laughing in my face. ‘But for the sake of my extremely simple drawing,’ he continued, ‘let’s say there was a birthing from a metaphorical womb that already existed...’ and as he said this, his downward line reached the bottom of the page and he turned it back on itself so it was heading back up towards the ‘Isness’ horizontal line of pure coherence.

‘Why have you done that'’ I asked.

‘Well, my theory is that the universe and everything in it has decohered about as far as it can get, but now the tide is starting to turn towards another epoch. We are returning back whence we came, back towards coherence. To God.’ Then I asked Bill, ‘What would happen to the world as we know it now if this total recohering occurred'’

‘Well, you would no longer be able to see anything of this physical world, as it would be operating on a higher frequency, which would mean it would no longer be visible to physical eyes.’

Our universe will disappear.Crikey!

Breath of the All

In April 2009 I made the decision to speak again with Professor Tiller face-to-face, figuring it might be the only way I could grasp the enormity of his theories and his evidence. Believe me, it was well worth the effort.

‘Allow me to share with you a speculative myth, which I believe one day will be proven to be much more than a myth. It’s my interpretation of a metaphor that’s commonly used in Eastern philosophy: ‘the out-breathing and in-breathing of the All’.

‘In the ‘beginning’, everything was totally coherent: all things, all levels of energy, all levels of consciousness were one.’

Bill picked up a pen and paper.

‘My working hypothesis is that in order to grow in capability, this pure coherence decoheres and recoheres periodically over and over again – though not in any time scale that we could comprehend. My point is that we were birthed out of something that was already there. The Big Bang was simply an ongoing process.’

He began by drawing a dot. ‘This represents the Core, God, total coherence. Now I’ll expland out of this core in a small spiral, which represents the beginning of the cosmic out-breathing, or decoheing phase. The unravelling continued in the first half of this first spiral turn, and a separation of consciousness began at the finest levels of substance. This eventually nucleated into a nonphysical society at the level of mind, called Mu – it would have been a highly coherent society. This was the first epoch in a ‘new’ out-breathing cycle. On every full turn of each expanding spiral there would be seven epochs, three and a half on each out-breath (the decohering phase) and three and a half on each in-breath (the recohering phase).

‘I believe that the process of decohering, or separation continued and another society known as Lemuria evolved at the level of emotion domain – again prephysical – which became the second epoch. The third epoch in this first out-breath cycle could have been something like Atlantis.

Spirit enters matter

‘These societies, like Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis, over time formed what we presently term the physical vacuum. And, in very simple terms, I hypothesize that they then ‘intended’ our physical epoch into being, which triggered the Big Bang, our electric atom/molecule physical universe was born, and spirit entered into dense matter through consciousness, so that the All can experience reality as a separate soul, thus affording it a further opportunity to learn and grow.’

As Bill went on with his drawing, he said, ‘Notice how the spiral grows and expands, the further we are from the total coherence at our ‘source’. In my opinion, this current physical reality is a point of minimal coherence, so from here on in, we are heading back towards maximal coherence – we are on our way home.’

I sat back smiling from ear to ear. I asked, ‘You mean back to being nonphysical beings'’

‘Absolutely – eventually. It’s not our physical universe that’s ‘going home’, but our consciousness: we are talking at a level of mind here, going home and merging our consciousness back with its source. I believe that over time we will evolve into ‘light’ beings. Our soul self will evolve beyond this space-time reality.

‘On every out-breathing cycle you have these type of societies, like Atlantis or Lemuria, forming and on every in-breath cycle they/we return to coherence. All of this happens over and over again. God is constantly birthing itself, there are a host of realities coexisting alongside us, but for now, most people cannot see them. Within two hundred years many of us will have ‘moved on’, but getting all the way home could take a few epochs!’

From Countdown to Coherence, ©2010 by Hazel Courteney, published by Watkins Publishing.