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HEALING POWER OF PLEASURE by Julia Paulette Hollenbery

by: Julia Paulette Hollenbery

This new book by London-based therapist Julia has amazing endorsements already from David Hamilton, Judy Piatkus and Jamie Catto. It’s a journey into the sensuality which always lies just under the surface of our mind-dominated lives. She explores seven different and easily accessible “medicines”, which are slowing down, embodying, deepening, relating, pleasure, power and potency. She gives exercises and ideas to help us explore these medicines – we know these things but sometimes we need to be told directly! Julia is a fun and engaging teacher. Ya’Acov Darling Kahn writes that a wise person told him that learning through pleasure is the highest form of learning and I think he’s right. Our capacity for joy is always there waiting, and this then is a great book for exploring it. 

288pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £16.99

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