PET PSYCHIC by Beth Lee-Crowther

by: Beth Lee-Crowther

It doesn’t feel outrageous to say that cats and dogs have psychic powers. I often feel that my cat can read me very easily: well, with this book the communication can flow in both directions and we can read them too. It feels like this title has everything you will ever need to be able to get psychic messages from your pet, which will be great for forming closer bonds with them. Plus there are other more basic benefits from this, because you will be able to support them when they have problems, and you will get help trying to find them should they get lost. There are many exercises in the book that will help you hone your skills, with pet photos to focus on and get readings from. Beth talks a lot about the theory behind this as well. Finally the book includes plenty of stories and anecdotes. Highly recommended.

224pp, 214 x 134 mm, Paperback, 2022

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