RADICAL REGENERATION by Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

In this big book the authors have brought together four previous shorter books: Return to Joy, Savage Grace, Saving Animals from Ourselves and Radical Regeneration. These were all published by a smaller and less high-profile publisher. Cygnus has featured many books by Andrew Harvey before and he is always bracingly wise and seriously spiritual. He is one of the best guides we have to sacred activism and I would recommend this book highly as a way into really getting involved in the work of healing the world. Sometimes it takes courage to immerse ourselves into the horrible things that are happening and I believe that sparing ourselves the pain can be justified. However this is the perfect book – succinct, clear and full of practical information – to turn to if we want to start facing head-on all the heavy issues.

576pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023

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