by: Kyle Gray

The book of Raise Your Vibration has just been reissued and here is a card deck to accompany it. Kyle is of course one of our most popular authors. The cards are written and illustrated in an upbeat and contemporary style and you can tune in to their frequency to cultivate high-vibe spiritual practices and align your energy with living a heart-centred life. With 11 themes such as Ignite, Express, Activate and Manifest, all the cards align with one of the chakras (including four higher chakras: Earth Star, Gaia Gateway, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway) to offer you guidance for any challenge. You’ll learn to trust in the support and love from the Universe, feel confident in your personal practice and attract positivity, miracles and joy into your life. Through this deck, Kyle shows you how to discover your true potential, elevate your vibration and create an incredible life.

48 cards and a 168-page guide book, 2022

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