SHADOW ANIMALS by Dawn Baumann Brunke

by: Dawn Baumann Brunke

This is an interesting take on shadow work showing us how our buried histories and childhood fears take shape in our feelings and phobias around animals. By giving us a better understanding of the animals we dislike or fear, the author hopes to help us learn more about what we unconsciously fear and dislike in ourselves, and in this book she provides a rich and detailed history of the most common fear-triggering animals. More than that, she makes us examine our relationship with these animals and use this knowledge to work on ourselves. By presenting an animal-centred guide to shadow work, Brunke has revealed how shadow animals protect and advise, challenge and encourage, inspire and offer support to the spiritual adventure of enlightenment as we awaken to who we really are.

320pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022