by: Wendy Willow

This is both a visceral narrative of having to deal with the diagnosis, hospital treatment, palliative care and death of a beloved husband, and an uplifting and reassuring personal account of signs and messages received by the author revealing life after life. The author captures the intensity of dealing with death and the confusion and conflicting emotions that come with grief. You really feel for her, but at the same time you get to feel joy at her gradual realisation that she was being contacted by her husband after his death. The sub-title of the book is Signs from the Other Side Offering Comfort and Hope after the Death of a Loved One and it delivers on this, but her honest narrative of the intensity of both the dying and the grieving process, before realising how and why she was meant to go on, make this a really helpful book.

424pp, 214 x 142 mm, Paperback, 2022

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