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SOUND ASLEEP Chris Idzikowski

by: Chris Idzikowski

Having trouble sleeping? It s not just our physical health that suffers when we do - we tend to see sleep as the body s opportunity for stopping, but in reality it s one of the most active periods of the 24 hour cycle for the brain, and vital for memory, learning and healthy brain function. In this definitive new book on sleep, you ll find the in-depth understanding and simple, natural techniques you need to make your sleep more restful and energizing. Dr. Chris Idzikowski, one of the world's leading sleep experts, offers practical advice on a wide range of sleep issues, covering both common, and many not-so-common, sleep problems--from insomnia and street noise to nightmares and movement disorders. This reassuringly informative and helpful book will be a welcome resource for anyone in need of a good night s sleep!