by: Peter Creswell

When I was six I wrote my first book review, of The New English Bible, New Testament. From then on I read the gospels over and over again, to see if I could somehow square up all that cruel demoralising stuff about burning in hell with the Sermon on the Mount. I could not, and ultimately I came to the conclusion that somebody had been fiddling about with the Bible, putting in interpolations and deliberate changes to gain dominion over me and make me believe something else than the truths my own soul told me. If you have had a similar experience, you will appreciate this book, in which Peter Cresswell traces, by studying early Bible texts, how doctrines evolved and how inconvenient facts were masked or covered up. He also tries to piece together what may have been historically correct. Even if you are firmly convinced that Jesus existed, it would still be worthwhile reading this book, which has the potential to allow the light to shine more clearly through the Biblical stories.Ann