MEDICINE WOMAN ORACLE by Catherine Maillard

by: Catherine Maillard

This is a beautiful and well-produced deck. The 49 cards are thick, strong and edged with gold and the book of guidance included is full-colour inside. There are 13 Archetypal Medicine Women cards, to go with the 13 moons, and then there are 3 suits: Gifts of the Feminine, Totem/Allied Spirits and Medicine Action cards. I hope you can now see the different ways the cards can work together, almost as a shamanic course in healing. The deck as a whole pays tribute to the way of the Great Goddess, and the images on the cards range from goddess images to power animals to seasons, trees and mandalas. The book has many suggestions on spreads and other ways to use the cards, but they seem so powerful to me that I would suggest you could just dive in and let the cards guide you.

49 full-colour cards and a 196-page guide, 2022