by: Ken Druck Ph D

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No matter what we say, do, or believe in, life has its own terms. And they re not what we thought. We re presented with challenges and setbacks, and the life we thought we d signed up for is not the one we get. Ken Druck s personal journey through tragedy after the death of his daughter Jenna led him to discover the secrets of how we survive life s worst losses and, in doing so, uncover hidden opportunities for spiritual deepening, renewal, discovery, meaning, and even joy, perhaps all the more profound exactly because of our difficult journey. As a trusted coach and confidant to people all over the world, including leaders facing their greatest challenges, Ken knows the difference between wishful thinking and grounded truth. Since founding the Jenna Druck Centre in 1996, Dr. Ken has become a lifeline for thousands of families who have suffered a loss. He is often called upon to assist in healing after tragic events such as 9/11, the shootings at Columbine High School, and Hurricane Katrina. His refreshingly honest approach to turning adversity into opportunity and a beautiful confirmation of our deeper humanity makes up the heart and soul of this book.